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In some instances a business is not operating sufficiently to satisfy the demand of the customers or the owners due to the lack of a business plan or other such deficiencies, and in need of more than just consulting to assist them. In this instance, some of the tools needed to operate their business effectively need to be developed and possibly implemented in order to achieve the foundation for an efficient operation to take shape. Some of these tools could be, but are not limited to:

Create or amend a business plan
  • A business plan is essential to running a business with specific objectives established.
  • It establishes current and future goals in addition to a foundation for business decisions.
  • No business should operate without one, and it should be reviewed periodically.
Define the business organization
  • Define the roles and responsibilities required of the business to operate today and in the future even though currently it may not have the personnel to commit to them.
Define or Improve business processes
  • Establish processes that standardize procedures the business and employees operate by.
  • Consistently perform quality processes for accomplishing tasks, insist everyone performs them, and minimize costly errors, quality issues, and customer dissatisfaction.
Develop a training program
  • Owners canít expect everyone to perform as they would unless they have some type of training program in place.
  • Personnel Orientation, Safety, and Job Skills (Instructional, On-the-Job, and Mentoring).


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