UManageIt was inspired by recognizing the need for businesses to efficiently increase productivity and provide more effective results. With an overwhelming assortment of tasks in today’s fast paced business environment, it has become almost routine to only get the most demanding items accomplished. This does not mean that the most important items got finished. So how can businesses ensure they see the larger picture and have a plan to accomplish all of the required elements in order to ensure they can provide their customer the greatest product satisfaction?

Organization, Process Improvement, and Management/Leadership Insight!

Business Owners and Senior Executives are spending countless hours and excessive funds trying to choose which tasks are most important to work on while trying to continually figure out why they don’t get done properly, and they always seem to be the only one that knows what is actually required. Due to this lack of organization and direction, manpower is limited, operating expenses are increased, and the customer is left unsatisfied.
What area of your business needs professional guidance to let U-Manage-It?

   Mark Hedges,
   President and CEO
   Office/Fax:     951-789-1001
   Mobile:           951-323-6685

Benefits of Organization, Process Improvement,
and Management / Leadership Insight

  • Company Wide Direction
  • Structured Hierarchy
  • Enhanced Communication
  • Process Flow
  • Time Management
  • Enhanced Growth and Development
Process Improvement
  • Standard Procedures
  • Quality Performance / Output
Management/Leadership Insight
  • Multi-Level Leadership
  • Empowered Employees
  • Improved performance

Profile Points of Interest
  • Retired Navy Seabee Chief Petty Officer
  • Graduate of LaVerne University (BA-Bus Admin)
  • Current Enrollment at UCR
  • Member of Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce; Active East Hills Board Member
  • Inland Empire Small Business Development Center Board Member
  • Resource Center for Non-Profit Management - Consultant
  • Registered Member of NASD– CA License #0E38739